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About Rachael

Rachael Anne Long is the author of several ebooks, including  the anarchic animal adventure Reginald, Prince of Baboons; short story fiction collection, First Person Singular and the Victorian set The Carpetbagger, as well as others.

If asked about her books, Rachael would say, 

"I write about the idiosyncratic; characters that come out of the left field, the ones who get left behind, ignored, and in situations that seemingly appear normal but change, flip. For instance, The Tale of One Tree is about being isolated, 'othered' and as a consequence, finding unexpected options. As for Reginald - well, what can be said? You'll need to read it! The Carpetbagger isn't the book you think it is. This is a story about identity and navigating difficult situations - it isn't clear cut, edges are blurred."

Rachael has previously worked for government departments and a national children’s charity. She lives in Somerset, south west England with her orange rescue cat where she writes, bakes, makes hedgerow jams and marmalade.

about my books...


First Person Singular & Other Tales

A collection of short stories based around the themes of loss, love, insecurity, change. There is humour, strangeness

and joy within the tales.

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Rachael Anne Long

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The Tale of One Tree

One Tree was not tall,

like all the other trees in the forest...

One day, after a very stormy night, during which several trees had been damaged and at least two had fallen; a tall, battered pine whispered to One Tree;

"We don’t know why you stay here..."

Unwanted, One Tree sets off, in the company of an owl, on a quest to find a land where there are no trees, no forests.

Reginald, Prince of Baboons

Over, around or through the Lost Forest and straight up a high rocky outcrop,

Reginald, Prince of Baboons

was sitting in the dining room

of his hilltop palace.

If only things had remained

that peaceful...

Reginald wants to fly to the moon - he’s tried before and failed...this time he is going by hot air balloon!

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Work In Progress

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of my current project.

But bear in mind

it is a rough draft -

there will be inconsistencies,

errata and syntax issues.

A true work in progress!

Four Friends and a Crow

A Christmas tale

Four friends, a tiger with faded stripes, a bald hedgehog, a squirrel with no tail and an elephant who once had a musical trunk, set off to find a doll's hospital, joined on their quest by Crow. 

Available for purchase exclusively through smashwords.com

Available for purchase through

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The Wretched

a Victorian Tale

A story, not only about crime but prejudice, unjust society, and corruption.

An escaped convict, a broken police detective, an ostracised queer woman and Fenians. 

The story ranges from Devon's Dartmoor Prison to Bristol and then London.


Autumn 2024


Autumn 2024

The Carpetbagger

London, Summer 1882 - a wet, drizzle-bedevilled summer. The sort of weather that turned beer flat,

and made bread go mouldy.

In this setting two ne'er-do-wells make a living mugging well-to-do types who visit the East End seeking pleasure. But this once profitable partnership develops a problem….

Not everything is as it seems - there are secrets and this lifestyle of petty crime, leads to a deadly plot involving a crooked pawnshop owner, an Afrikaner

and the head of the British Empire…

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