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Based in Somerset, England

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About Rachael

Rachael Anne Long is the author of several ebooks, including  the anarchic animal adventure series, The Lost Forest; short story fiction collection, First Person Singular and the Victorian set The Carpetbagger.

Rachael has previously worked for government departments and a national children’s charity. She lives in Somerset, south west England with her orange rescue cat where she writes, bakes, makes hedgerow jams and marmalade.

about my books...


First Person Singular & Other Tales is a collection of short stories based around the themes of loss, love, insecurity, change. There is humour, strangeness and joy within the tales.

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Anarchic animal stories:

The Lost Forest series:

The Spotless Leopard

Reginald, Prince of Baboons

The Honey Elephant

The Three-Legged Tiger

Once long ago, or short ago if you haven't got much time, somewhere on the African savannah, a group of trees decided to form a wood.

The wood became a forest and then a Lost Forest... Within and around the forest lived many animals. Some had quite unusual adventures.



A Triangle of Wizard Tales

A short collection of wizard-themed children's stories

Three different stories, all with a wizard theme:

The day of Wilfred’s wizard exam has arrived but he is so nervous he pours milk on his toast, puts butter in his tea and then tea in his jam! But what about Wanda and her Witchy Warehouse? Will she spoil the day?

Wilfred the Wizard and the Big Exam

The Olde Shoe Shoppe
A shoe shop that never seems to sell any shoes? There must be a reason...when people try on the shoes, they find they don't fit. No matter what size they try. No matter how many sizes too big they try; the shoes are always the wrong size! But this is only half the reason...

Peta and her Missing Parents
Peta's parents went on holiday but didn't come back! Did their plane really crash land on a very tiny desert island, somewhere in the middle of nowhere? Is it all her uncle’s fault? And what about her friend Marcie?

The Tale of One Tree 

A stand alone story about

a travelling tree

One Tree was not tall like all the other trees in the forest...

One day, after a very stormy night, during which several trees had been damaged and at least two had fallen; a tall, battered pine whispered to One Tree; "We don’t know why you stay here..."

Unwanted, One Tree sets off, in the company of an owl, on a quest to find a land where there are no trees, no forests.

But first One Tree and the owl must cross the ocean...

Honey Elephants are a rare and special thing and the subject of unwritten history... But this is not the beginning of our story. 

Long before tomorrow, when today had not quite become yesterday and somewhere in-between lunch and dinner; two monkeys were sat in a tree...

And that would have been that except...except there is an awlful lot more.

On her journey around the lost forest, Opa the leopard loses her spots, meets a stork with a clipboard, a lost explorer, a polar bear...oh and a sloth but we won’t mention the sloth...or what it says...

Will Opa be the same without her spots? Why does she get mistaken for a bat?

Over, around or through the Lost Forest and straight up a high rocky outcrop, Reginald, Prince of Baboons was sitting in the dining room of his hilltop palace. If only things had remained that peaceful...

Reginald wants to fly to the moon - he’s tried before and failed...this time he is going by hot air balloon!

Once there was a time when after breakfast there was nothing... Nothing except a stork being chased, nothing except a tiger falling from the sky and nothing except two tree monkeys discussing tea... Oh, and a tiger falling from the sky, did I mention that?

"My name is Typhon-the-Tiger and I am the last of the great Greek tigers." And so a very strange tale begins.

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Follow the link at the top of this page under 'Work In Progress' to read my new story/novel.

Bear in mind this is a rough draft - there will be inconsistencies, errata and syntax issues. But it is offered here free to read.

Four Friends and a Crow is a Christmas tale. Four friends, a tiger with faded stripes, a bald hedgehog, a squirrel with no tail and an elephant who once had a musical trunk set off to find a doll's hospital. They are joined on their quest by Crow. 

Available for purchase exclusively through smashwords.com

The Carpetbagger.

 London, Summer 1882 - a wet, drizzle-bedevilled summer. The sort of weather that turned beer flat, made bread go mouldy and flooded pavements with puddles. In this setting a lad and a former fist-fighter are making a living mugging well-to-do types who visit the East End seeking pleasure. But this once profitable partnership develops a problem….

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smashwords.com , Lulu.com

amazon.com , amazon.co.uk

For a short period, I am offering free access to The Carpetbagger.

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